About Art, Design and Visual Thinking

This is an online, interactive textbook designed to support a course, FSAD 1250: Art, Design, and Visual Thinking, taught at Cornell University in the Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design. It is an entry level course taken by majors and non-majors, introducing basic design concepts and the idea of visual language.

Charlotte Jirousek (Author of this online textbook and former course instructor) was an associate professor in the Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design at Cornell University. Her other courses covered aspects of surface design of textiles, and historical/cultural aspects of dress and textiles. She was also curator of the Cornell Costume and Textile Collection.

The textbook was first put online in 1995, and has continued to grow and change. Until the time of her death, Dr. Jirousek was continually redesigning the site. Denise Nicole Green, Assistant Professor in the Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, is currently the instructor for FSAD 1250: Art, Design and Visual Thinking. She will continue to maintain Dr. Jirousek's online textbook, and update information as needed. If you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts please email her at dng22@cornell.edu.

Charlotte Jirousek would like to acknowledge the contributions of her mentor and friend, Timothy Trent Blade, whose approach to teaching design foundations provided the core of this Web project and course.

This web site Copyright © 1995 by Charlotte Jirousek