How To Use This Web Site

This website is an online textbook designed for a Cornell University course, FSAD 1250 Art Design and Visual Thinking . This course is taught as part of the regular curriculum to enrolled Cornell students, and is not available as a distant learning course. It was created in 1995 by the instructor, Prof. Charlotte Jirousek, and is updated regularly in the fall, when the course is taught. Anyone seeking permission to use this material for their own teaching or other purposes should contact Professor Jirousek.

The textbook is intended to supplement (NOT replace) the lectures in this course. It provides some, but by no means all, of the visual material covered in the class. For the most part, the lectures follow the textual information provided here, so students are held responsible for knowing the text contained in this document as well as additional information and images provided in lectures. The exams will include slides shown in class or images included in this site.

Students are NOT responsible for textual information provided in other websites connected to this Web textbook via links. However, these other sites will provide a wealth of additional images as aids for study, and also optional, supplementary information that may be of interest to you.

The table of contents at the left, with its own scroll bar, will help you navigate the textbook. Be sure to look at the study guides provided for the prelim and final; also from the home page you can reach the current course assignments, and in due course, posted grades.

This web site Copyright © 1995 by Charlotte Jirousek

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